I live at home in Cumnock in Scotland with my Dad, Garry, Mum, Roseanne and twin brother Garry Jnr.  I also have a little sister called Tyla and a big brother called Mark who is 23 and lives with Granny Jean in Cumnock.

I also have a special wee brother, who is called Lewis who is one year old.  Lewis came to live with me and my family when he was just one day old and Tyla is his big sister.  My mum and dad wanted to make sure Tyla and her little brother had a good home so they came to stay with us.  We love having them and Tyla is now officially our forever sister.

I am an Altar Server at St John's Parish Church in Cumnock every Sunday and I enjoy doing this.  I also am an active member of the 1st Cumnock Boys Brigade who gave me the idea to finally finish my first book.   I wanted to raise money for the Boys Brigade and thought this was a brilliant way to do it.  My brother Garry and I want to raise at least £1,000 for the Boys Brigade. 

As well as writing, I enjoy cooking with my mum  - I think one day I will be a much better cook than her.  She really really can't bake very well and one day she make Scones and they were so bad that even the dog would not eat them and my dad thought she had made rock cakes.

My little brother Garry, by one whole minute loves to draw. I think he is a great drawer, he just doubts himself.  We both love football and my poor mum gets kicked up the stairs when dad allows us to watch sky sports.

I started writing stories last year in school.  My imagination was running wild and I had all these ideas going through my head.  My teacher, Mrs O'shea encouraged me to write them down and this is how I have started.  Who knows what the future will hold for me, but one thing I do know is that I absolutely love writing stories and I hope you the readers enjoy them too.

The final member of the family is Barmy Bess the Dog !!.  She is just mad!!!.  Barmy Bess loves sticks.  The BIGGER, the better !!!