The Mysterious Castle

The Mysterious Castle is set in Cornwall in 2014.  It tells the story of three brothers and three sisters.


The three sisters who are triplets go out to play and despite being told my mum to stay close to the house, the girls decide to venture further and end up lost in the woods.


Mum then sends the boys out to find the girls, not realising they are lost.


What happens next is an adventure for the family.   As mum and dad search anxiously for the children, the brothers and sisters are fighting for survival at the hands of the Ghost Skeletons.

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The Mysterious Castle II

Journey to Cove Bay


Join the Savage Family as they travel to Cove Bay in the next chapter in The Mysterious Castle Series. 

Cove Bay holds mystery and intrigue and a great deal of adventure as the family along with new friends look to uncover the secrets from The Mysterious Castle.

Look out for news when the new book will go on sale.

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